Safety Management


It is no longer sufficient to be compliant; organisations are now mandated to demonstrate the actual performance of their safety management systems (SMS). Airgility helps you focus on maximising opportunities to continuously improve the overall safety of your operation and also contribute positively to financial performance.


Our qualified safety and risk managers can identify and clearly advise on whether your internal controls or those of your chosen aviation service provider are effective and are reducing risk as much as is reasonably practicable and that your safety management system provides for goal setting, planning and measuring performance.


We build on existing processes, integrating with other management systems by tailoring a flexible regulatory framework to your business, incorporating:

Safety Policy
  • The endorsed commitment of your company to the health and safety of employees and the public


Incident Reporting
  • A process for the acquisition of safety data


Hazard Identification
  • A method for identifying hazards related to your organisation


Risk Management
  • A standard approach for assessing risks and for applying risk controls


  • Systematic and independent examination of performance, records, data, statements.


Performance Measurement
  • Management tools for analyzing whether safety goals are being met


Quality and Safety Assurance
  • Process that support continuous improvement of the organisation’s safety performance


Emergency Response Plan
  • A course of action to mitigate damage of potential events that could endanger your organisation’s ability to function

Airgility can advise you on appropriate SMS software for your operation and how the SMS should be formally implemented and managed.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.