Whether you are an aviation organisation or rely on contracted air service operators, we can help to provide confidence in your operation. Auditing is an integral part of your organisation’s safety management system and is an opportunity to determine if your organisation is doing what it states it is doing.


As approved lead auditors, our auditing expertise is varied and includes services in a number of industries including; resource and mining; oil, gas and energy; utilities; government; forestry and agriculture; helicopter and fixed wing operations.

Airgility has a role in:

  • First party audits; we help you conduct your internal organisational audit on your own systems and providers to satisfy ISO 9001:2008 8.2.2 and relevant regulatory requirements;
  • Second party audits; we conduct external audits on your suppliers and contractors as required by ISO 9001:2008 7.4.1; and
  • Third party audits; as commercially and contractually independent of your organisation, suppliers and customers, we conduct extrinsic audits of your operation to a quality or safety system standard

We deliver a comprehensive range of safety and compliance audits in:
Quality Management Systems

The series of defined organisation-wide processes focusing on conformity, services and products.

Safety Management Systems

The series of processes that provide for effective safety and risk based decision making

Aircraft Maintenance
  • Maintenance planning, including AD, ASB, and SB management
  • Aircraft configuration management
  • Maintenance activities, documentation and records
  • Stores management
Base and Remote Facilities

Company Operations

Policy and Standards

Contract Management

Helipads, Aerodromes and Hangars

Flight Operations

Aviation Facilities and Providers
  • Operational and safety audits on aircraft charter operators, suppliers and subcontractors
Maintenance Contractors
  • Heavy maintenance
  • Refuellers and fuel farms
  • Line maintenance
Ground Handling Agents
  • Passenger handling
  • Ramp handling
  • Cargo handling
  • Dangerous goods handling

Audits may range from desktop analysis through to full, on-site reviews in Australia and overseas.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.